5 Reasons Why Coal Slurry Is Dangerous

Coal slurry is one of the most hazardous and unexpected natural disasters, which starts with the creation of Blackwater to a great impounded ponds. The mud is seen as waste materials from animals mixed with water that is usually stored in barns during the winter and then used as fertilizer during the summers.

A slurry tank is made because before the fertilizer is spread it needs to be broken up and mixed with water to where the slurry tank is made.

There are many terrifying and deathly consequences when a coal slurry happens which confirms that it is enormously dangerous. Farming is seen to be the most dangerous industry as this tragedy is bound to occur every so often.

It is important to take all of the precautions possible if you do happen to partake in making a coal slurry under your house because there are many risks involved.

1. Drowning:

One of the first and dangerous things that can happen to have to do with drowning and not being able to withstand the overflow of Blackwater from the slurry. Drowning in sludge storage tanks causes more fatalities than by the poisonings.

Due to the overflowing and added rain due to weather conditions, it is most likely that the slurry tank will erupt into a water flurry, leading to overwhelming amounts of sewage water. Kids are most likely the ones being drowned as they do not know how to swim through such thick material.

2. Toxic Gas:

All of the various gasses that are released such as methane, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and carbon dioxide. Some of these gasses contain a horrid odor and others vary from being odorless to slightly smelt.

Hydrogen sulphide is the most dangerous because not only is it poisonous to the nervous system and contains a rotten egg smells that can be either strong or weak depending on the strength of the gas and how much there is. One breath or lung full of this toxic gas will instantly lead to death, leaving no chance of survival if you’re in proximity.

3. Oxygen Deprivation:

The gasses are heavier than air, so they displace oxygen leading to suffocation and death. Some of the gasses can be odorless and unseen therefore causing a decrease in oxygen intake without an individual’s awareness.

4. Unexpectedly:

There are not many warning signs when a coal slurry happens as it builds up slowly but once it occurs the water and toxic fumes are rapid giving no initial sign of danger. Even though there are precautions that farmers and people can make to prevent such incidents, that doesn’t mean that it will guarantee safety when having one of these.

5. Death Happens:

More than likely, death is a major factor when it comes to a coal slurry. Especially because it happens so unexpectedly and sudden, there is no time to prepare or get out of the situation. There are many incidents of farmers and their families being killed throughout the night either by drowning or the toxic fumes that spill into their households.

Learn more about coal slurry from the video below!